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Spectra Cantilever Parasol

spectra cantilever parasol

The minimalistic Spectra cantilever parasol is the ideal partner for contemporary outdoor living. Choose from a wide range of vibrant, distinct colours to perfectly match your own environment.

This innovative shade structure boasts a unique geometrical, ergonomic design which allows for easy positioning for maximum shade; such as the desired height, the angle of inclination and 360° rotation.

The Spectra cantilever parasol can easily be folded and stored into its protective cover, which comes standard with the Spectra parasol, allowing for indoor/outdoor storage year round.



Size (m) Shape Fabric
3.0 round Olefine 190gr/m², Acryl 235 gr/m², PVC 295 gr/m²
2.5 square Olefine 190gr/m², Acryl 235 gr/m², PVC 295 gr/m²

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might suit your requirements best, please click here.


Cantilever aluminium frames, stainless steel fittings and fibreglass ribs.
The structure is opened by fanning out the canopy.
The whole unit can be closed and a protective cover bag placed over the parasol to provide protection from the weather.

The mast of the Spectra parasol can be positioned in one of 3 ways.

spectra cantilever parasol frame positioning Vertically, sloped forward or sloped backwards. The choice of position must be stated at the time of ordering. This is not an adjustment that can be made to the parasol.


The Spectra parasol canopy can easily be tilted to one of 3 positions, as shown in the diagram below.

umbrosa spectra parasol tilt


Deck base 90 degrees
Parasol deck base 90 degrees, can be bolted down to an existing hard surface. Vertical version.
umbrosa spectra parasol deckbase90 
Deck base 75 degrees
Parasol deck base 75/105 degrees, can be bolted down to an existing hard surface. Used when the mast is required to be at an angle of either 75 degrees or 105 degrees.
umbrosa spectra deckbase75
In-ground base
Parasol in-ground base. Lower section of the ground base should be set into concrete. The top section is available at either 90 degrees or 75/105 degrees.
umbrosa spectra igbase
Tile base
Parasol tile base, for freestanding installation. Slabs need to be added to provide the stability. One of the two deck plates should be bolted to the top, once the tiles are added.
umbrosa spectra tilebase
Tile base cover
A cover is also available for the parasol tile base.
umbrosa spectra tilebasecover
Spectra base system
Parasol freestanding base with steel plates. Creates a lower profile option to the tile base.
umbrosa spectra umbrosabase


Spectra cantilever parasols are available in two different fabric ranges with a wide array of colours to suit all needs.

Printing on the parasol canvas is available with no minimum order value

spectra cutout


Umbrosa Paraflex Colour Swatch
(Click image to enlarge) 

umbrosa colour swatch


Printing on the parasol canvas is available with no minimum order value


File / URLDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Spectra_brochure.pdf)Spectra_brochure.pdfSpectra Parasol Brochure1453 kB
Access this URL ( swatch for Spectra Parasols62 kB


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