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Parasol and Umbrella FAQs


Our brochures are available for download from the individual parasol product pages - click here to view range.

For corporate, commercial and trade customers a hardcopy of the brochure is available direct from Global Parasols. Please contact us telephonically, by email or via the on-line contact form on contact us page

For retail customers, please either contact your local retailer directly or view product details here.
Our pricing is individually tailored to your needs, please contact us telephonically, by email or via the on-line contact form on contact us page.
Corporate, commercial and trade customers - please contact Global Parasols directly, either telephonically, by email or via the on-line contact form on contact us page.

For domestic customers in the UK please see the contact page for retailer contact information, click here.

Order Quantity

No, though there are some exceptions for printed parasols. please see below.
Generally no, however there are some exceptions to this rule.

For printed pub umbrellas (beach umbrellas) the minimum order quantity is 100 units.

For all other parasols there is no minimum order quantity. (some specialist print requirements may require a minimum order volume, eg. special fabric colours or full colour dispersion printing).

Printed Parasol Requirements

We try and make this as easy as possible. If you know what parasols you want, decide upon a size for the parasols, a logo for printing and where on the parasol you want to print it, either on the main panel or the valance. Send us the artwork and we can produce a mockup (storyboard) for you.  See Contact Us page for contact information.
Ideally this should be in Adobe Illustrator format, either .ai or .eps. Otherwise suitable .pdf files can be used. Most artwork should be suitable to go via email, but sometimes this might have to be sent by disc.
Most of our parasols are printed using screen printing but there are a huge number of options available, depending upon fabric choice and the print requirements.

Parasol Spares and Accessories

If you bought it from us, or came from one of our manufacturers then yes. We do not supply new canvas for parasols from other manufacturers.

We can not supply replacement canvas for the volume pub umbrellas.
All the parasols we supply are repairable, maintainable and fully serviceable. Please contact your local Global Parasols office directly making sure that you know exactly what the parasol is, what size it is and exactly what is damaged.


For unprinted parasols we try and keep stocks of our most popular models, so often delivery can be made as soon as we have received payment.

For printed parasols delivery can vary depending on the time of year. For most models 6 weeks is the normal lead time.

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