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We have been sourcing and supplying electric infra red parasol heaters for 8 years. In our opinion the Solamagic parasol heaters provide the best balance between performance and price.

Solamagic have over 50 year development and manufacturing experience in the lighting business. This expertise enables them to produce better heaters that emit more heat, last longer and provide better value.

We have in-house servicing capabilities for all Solamagic products and offer a special parasol heater swap out service for our parasol customers so that they don't have to worry about changing bulbs and don't lose business when bulbs eventually go.

Heated parasols will extend your usability of your parasol for more hours and more months of the year!

Please contact Global Parasols for further information on any of the Solamagic products.

Parasol Heaters

1.5kW Heaters configured with special brackets, cables and cable connectors for use with jumbo parasols. Lightweight, well insulated and easy to install and remove from parasol.  Units are available fitted with 1m of cable, Hirschmann plugs and brackets for mounting on to parasol arms.  Spare parts and replacement bulbs are available.

This is the standard heater used in all our Vortex, Royal Eagle and XXL parasols with fully integrated electrics.parasol heater

Heater Total Output Heat Area Electric Supply Certifications
1 x 1.4kW 1.4kW up to 12m² Single phase 220/240V TUV GS CE

Heater Hub

Unique to Global Parasols, this specially designed central hub system makes it easy to add heaters to any jumbo parasol. parasol heater hub

For pole Power in Sockets Power out Plugs
45-85mm 2x16A Hirschmann 4x8A Hirschmann

The hub can be mounted on to any parasol pole between 45 and 85mm. This covers all quality Jumbo parasol manufacturers. 

Supplied with 2 power input points and 4 power outputs, all with hirschmann couplers. Used for adding heaters to jumbo parasols and VorTex parasols.  All our heaters can be supplied with Hirschmann plugs to connect directly to the hub.  Cables are available to provide power to the unit.

Wall Mounted Heaters

The Solamagic range of outdoor electric heaters are available with a number of different power, connection and control options.wallmounted parasol heater

Pole Mounted Heaters

1, 2 or 4 heaters with a mounting ring for a pole.  Ideal as a bolt on heating system for parasols that do not already have integrated electrics.  Units are available with supply cable in lengths of 2.5m, 5.0m or 10.0m. these need to be ordered separately.  Spare parts and replacement bulbs are available.polemounted parasol heater<

Heaters Total output To fit pole Electric supply Certifications
2 x 1.4kW 2.8kW 45-85mm Single phase 220/240V TUV GS CE

Heat & Light Systems

Heating units that combine heat and light.parasol heating and lighting unit

Heat & Sound Systems

Heating units that combine heat and sound.parasol heating and sound system

Remote Control

High power remote control units to control both heaters and lights remote control for parasols

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