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Tradewinds Printed Parasols

Tradewinds printed parasols

Tradewind printed wooden parasols provide the opportunity to find the perfect balance between cost and quality. We can match fabrics from a number of different sources to tailor the product exactly to your needs.

NO minimum order quantity required.

Also suitable for large volume orders for clients requiring high grade parasols that will proudly carry a quality brand.

Parasols from Global Parasols are the first choice for some of the worlds leading brands, hotels, restaurants and bars.



Size (m) Shape No. Struts Pole diameter (mm) Base weight (Kg) Closed clearance (mm)* Bag size
2.2 square 4 38 40 810 2
2.8 square 8 58 65 730 3
3.6 square 8 58 110 230 4
2.6 hexagonal 6 38 25 1080 1
3.2 hexagonal 6 48 40 920 2
4.0 octagonal 8 58 65 720 3
2.0x3.0 rectangle 6 48 40 790 4

*Closed Clearance is the height required for table clearance when the parasol is in the closed position.
NB. This excludes the height of a base.

If any of the above details are unclear or you would rather speak to a representative to discuss what might suit your requirements best, please click here.


Tradewinds wooden parasol frames are manufactured from Eucalyptus wood, which is particularly suitable for parasols due to its strength and straightness of grain.

Poles and hubs are crafted from laminated planks to give additional strength and durability.

Tradewinds parasol frames are assembled with stainless steel brackets and bolts to allow for the easy installation of new component parts, should there be any breakages or damage at any stage throughout the parasol's lifespan.


We specialise in high quality printed parasols offering the ultimate in advertising and branding opportunities. Based on the Tradewinds Classic wooden parasol frame with a multitude of fabric options to suit any printing requirements.  A number of different options are available for printing, to discuss these options and your requirements please contact your local Global Parasols office - click here to contact us.

Tradewinds Parasol Colour Swatch
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FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (Tradewinds-Classic-brochure-2015.pdf)Tradewinds-Classic-brochure-2015.pdfTradewinds Classic Brochure255 kB
Download this file (Tradewinds_branding.pdf)Tradewinds_branding.pdfTradewinds branding & printing1090 kB


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